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School Districts Reclaim Space and Turn Surplus to Cash

October 28, 2008

Recently the Purchasing and Warehouse Supervisor of Merced County Office of Education, Chuck Hergenraeder, had a dilemma; he had been storing three 15 passenger school buses (circa 1980) that were no longer suitable for school district use and he needed to reclaim the space in his bus yard. Hergenraeder had previously worked with a company called InterSchola to dispose of several smaller surplus items and remembered the success of that venture. Hergenraeder contacted his local representative and from that point on, InterSchola took over management of the sale of his busses via online public auction. A church in Texas won the busses at auction for a significantly higher price than Hergenraeder would have been able to generate by his own efforts.  Within a short period, three members of the church drove from Texas to pick them up. A delighted Hergenraeder said, “More important than the money received from the sale of the buses, was the ease of the process; the only effort on my part was to make a call to InterSchola. They did the rest. It was great!”

School districts from San Diego to Northern California are struggling with budget cuts and looking for ways to be more efficient with their limited financial and personnel resources. InterSchola has partnered with many agencies, such as Merced COE, to offer a helpful solution.  InterSchola gives California school districts and other local public agencies an alternative way to manage the “end” of their asset lifecycle by providing a full service solution to help these agencies sell their surplus goods via eBay. Districts dealing with full warehouses have found that InterSchola helps manage the sale of their surplus inventory from start to finish.

Ron Bennett, President of School Services of California, the premier business, financial, management, and advocacy resource for educational agencies in California said, “InterSchola frees up staff time by expertly handling the entire surplus inventory and evaluation process. Their service is a tremendous help to busy school administrators plus there is no cost to the district. In fact districts actually receive dollars from the sale of their surplus. In a time of budget concerns, the service is very valuable to schools.”

San Jose Unified School District’s Pat Day works with InterSchola on an ongoing basis.  Due to budget cuts, Day wears many hats as the District’s Director of Maintenance, Operations, Purchasing, and Contract Management. When Day first learned about InterSchola, the district’s warehouse was overloaded to the point that the district had begun to fill several additional storage containers. Many items – including old pianos and several tons of rock salt used in water softeners that had long ago been replaced – had been sitting in the warehouse for ten years or longer. Not only did InterSchola sell much of the District’s inventory to make room in the warehouse for future shipments, they even sold the temporary storage containers that were no long needed as a result of the successful sales. A surprised Day said, “It was amazing what sold. InterSchola even managed to find a buyer for an old water truck that leaked so much, there was no water left by the time it reached its destination.” When asked if the money was helpful to the district Day replied, “Making money from selling unneeded items is not our mission, educating students is OUR mission. Still, unusable inventory takes up valuable warehouse space and impedes efficient warehouse management. With the help of InterSchola, my staff now has more time and resources to focus on our core mission of providing an excellent learning environment for our students.”

About InterScholaTM
InterSchola was established in 2004 to help school districts with surplus inventory realize the value of these assets while at the same time freeing up expensive storage space and valuable staff resources. InterSchola’s unique model is designed to eliminate the headaches associated with surplus disposal by managing the public auction process from start to finish and ensures compliance with complex legal Education Codes. Items sold have ranged from pianos to printing supplies, from computers to cars, and from food service to facility equipment. InterSchola has returned millions of dollars to schools, districts and other local public agencies and has helped save countless more dollars previously spent on staff, storage and surplus disposal costs. Learn more at