InterSchola’s mission continues

InterSchola was established in 2004 to help school districts with surplus inventory realize the value of these assets while at the same time freeing up expensive storage space and valuable staff resources. InterSchola’s unique model is designed to eliminate the headaches associated with surplus disposal by managing the public auction process from start to finish and ensures compliance with complex legal Education Codes.
This rather unique concept has been wildly successful. Since our first auction, we’ve earned millions of dollars for schools, and saved them millions more.
Items sold have ranged from pianos to printing supplies, from computers to cars, and from food service to facility equipment. We’ve sold planetariums, church pews, hot rods, power poles, power saws – you name it, schools have it; they use it up, wear it out, or the needs change and the item is surplus. We convert these items to cash so more assets can be purchased to meet the goals of the school. InterSchola has returned millions of dollars to schools, districts and other local public agencies and has helped save countless more dollars previously spent on staff, storage and surplus disposal costs.
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