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Links for schools to their own auctions

May 17, 2008

Some of our school clients have been asking for a way to link from their site to ours, to show items that they have up for auction. We like that, and are in the process of developing a page for each of our clients that they can link to, and only their items that are currently at auction will show. If you’re one of our clients and would like to know more about this feature, please contact your client manager.

Visit our site for more information:


CASBO Workshop planning ahead

October 22, 2007

InterSchola is pleased to have been invited by the CASBO Purchasing R&D committee to help design a workshop regarding surplus assets for the 2008 annual CASBO show.  We hope to make this as informative as possible regarding options that exist for school districts to manage their surplus disposal.  Please contact us if you have any suggestions regarding how we can make this conversation as productive as possible for your needs.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Melissa Rich, President and Founder

Our bus to go see Oprah?

September 23, 2007

We sell a large variety of items to all kinds of people, and school buses have become a favorite item for many.  One of our recent sales was a very nice bus that was bought by a movie production company, who is using the bus for a national promotional tour.

The company is promoting their 1 second movie, for which anyone can be a producer by donating $1 to their cause.  They are traveling to see Oprah to ask her to contribute.  They bought a bus at auction from InterSchola, and are presently getting it ready for the trip. 

For more information about this film and their cause, visit

InterSchola featured in Sanger Herald newspaper

August 7, 2007

InterSchola was featured on the front page of the Sanger Herald last week.  It was a nice article that showed how Sanger’s old surplus band uniforms were purchased by an InterSchola customer, then donated to school in China that needed them.  Here’s a link to the article (as a pdf file):