Does your school have surplus to sell?

Surplus equipment and supplies is a big headache for schools, and our mission is to convert that surplus into cash that can be used for new or ongoing programs.  Please contact us for more information about our program, and how we could assist your school.

By phone: 888-653-7360
By email: auction-info (at)

Our office is located at 1004A O’Reilly Avenue, Third Floor, San Francisco, CA 94129

Our website contains a lot of information, plus links to our current auctions.  Visit to see what we are selling right now.


One Response to “Does your school have surplus to sell?”

  1. jmiller Says:

    We are a Scottish school who has great deal of out -of -date supplies and equipment which perhaps may be of use to us for fundraising. All is of excellent quailty and educational value ,but which is unfortunately, not relevant to support our updated, streamlined and educationally focused ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ 3-18 programme of study. We would like to fund raise and If there is a school out there which would like to purchase these from the Uk – Would you be be interested?

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