Eliminate Headaches Associated With Surplus Disposal

Utilizing the eBay auction environment, InterSchola sells surplus goods to a global audience of 125 million registered users.

InterSchola’s team of local Field Auction Managers (FAM’s) knows how to maximize the value of the surplus items that education institutions have sitting in their warehouses or at school sites. Working in accordance with Education Code, InterSchola manages the auction process from start to finish.

No Risk Agreement

InterSchola requires zero upfront financial commitment in order to work with our education industry clients. After finding buyers for their surplus property, InterSchola shares the proceeds with the institutions.

Interschola provides a range of services at each stage of the auction process.


1.  InterSchola evaluates surplus items and catalogs the inventory of retired assets
2.  Collects pertinent information on individual items or item lot(s) and determines appropriate auction listing/sale strategy
3.  Takes photographs and writes descriptions of the items
4.  Provides Public Notice documentation of items in accordance with Education Code
5.  Forwards recommended auction start prices for client approval
6.  Creates a 7-10 day auction listing on eBay

During the auction:

1.  InterSchola markets auctions to our extensive database of buyers interested specifically in education surplus
2.  Provides customer support to prospective buyers
3.  Sends links to so our clients can watch their live auctions in progress
4.  Manages on-site “inspection” of items for sale by prospective buyers


1.  InterSchola manages close of auction and handles all aspects of buyer payment
2.  Manages delivery of item(s) to buyer – coordinates onsite pickup and packing of items to be shipped
3.  Confirms receipt of goods by buyer
4.  Delivers a check for proceeds and a detailed report documenting auction sales to each client

Salvage items:

In the case of salvage items, InterSchola will research other channels for sale/disposal of assets deemed not saleable in an open market environment.



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